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The consistent small things

"Its not about doing the occasional BIG, things, but doing the consistent SMALL things"

That was the mantra when I coached the "Change through Challenge" class. A leadership class that imparted the mindset and skillset of developing grit and resilience by having the students train for and complete a 26.2-mile marathon in 22 weeks.

The marathon is a distance where you can't cheat.

You do the work.


Every week.

Or you don't finish.

It's that simple.

It's a metaphor for life.

For the important things.

Like earning an education, building a business, getting in shape, raising great kids, falling in love (or staying in love). All require small, consistent, even boring actions where the results may not be seen for weeks, months...or years.

But where NOT doing the work will yield results too.

Poverty, poor health, broken relationships.

So this week, as you lace up and head out for that early morning run while everybody is still in bed, or find yourself going to bed late to send those prospecting emails to build that business, or send that text to your partner in your struggling relationship reminding them you are thinking about them even though they seem disinterested... remember it is i

n those moments is where the change is happening.

Where you are moving forward.

Advancing the BIG and important things.

One small, consistent step at a time.


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